The Artist

The artist Débora Gonçalves, was born in São Paulo-Brazil in 1997, lived outskirts of São Paulo until 8, after that went to the county side of São Paulo, where she lived until her 20. Her passion for the arts has been going on since she was a child, she took extracurricular plastic arts courses, and her artistic vein has always accompanied her. Still, in her adolescence, she expressed her creativity in technology, which is her main profession. She is currently lives in Portugal since 2019, where she resumed her interest in art. With the arrival 2020 of mandatory confinement (COVID-19), she dedicated her time to developing painting techniques, at first her experimentation was with the Watercolor and Acrylic techniques; but the Oil technique brought passion and expression to her work, the challenge of drying time, the complexity of the tones obtained with each layer, her love for the Baroque and Renaissance, especially for Italian artists are the artistic inspirations that shape her works. In 2022 she starts to dedicate more time to art, creating new collections and participating in virtual and physical exhibitions in different cities, such as Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Agadir. Currently, she has her atelier in Moita - Portugal, almost 40km from Lisbon.


The artist Débora Gonçalves with your painting "The woman"