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Débora Gonçalves Art



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Technique: Acrylic

"Many things happen, but man is destroying this beautiful planet.
Fire and Volcanoes, wars and red blood everywhere.
Floods and disasters, brown everywhere.
With deforestation and drought, we see yellow in this world that should be green.
Minerals and precious stones are running out, and you don't see gold like before.
Sea water is rising levels. We see more and more blue in our lives.
The sweet water is so dear, but we see so little; the reserve is almost over, and the pink of our cheeks disappears.
The trees, the Amazon, we see more brown than green. We need green in our lives.
The ice, melting every day, and the little white we see.
The Earth, a call of despair to man."


Acrylic painting on canvas

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