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Débora Gonçalves Art

The Queen

The Queen

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Technique: Oil

The painting depicts a black woman, dressed in an elegant red dress, adorned with gold jewelry. She is in front of a gold mirror, positioned on a blooming tree trunk. The woman seems pleased as she looks in the mirror, placing one arm above her head. The setting is luxurious and the woman's expression conveys joy and confidence.

The painting can be interpreted as a representation of the beauty and self-confidence of the black woman. The choice of the red dress, the gold jewelry, and the gold mirror may suggest wealth and sophistication, while the woman's attitude as she looks in the mirror suggests security and self-esteem. Furthermore, the inclusion of a black woman as the protagonist of the work can be seen as a way to combat stereotypes and promote representation in a context where the representation of black women in art is still limited. In summary, the painting can be seen as a celebration of beauty, wealth, and self-confidence of the black woman.



Gold leaf 24 carats added.

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