"F**K" Exhibition from M.A.D.S ART GALLERY

"F**K" Exhibition from M.A.D.S ART GALLERY

The virtual exhibition "F**K" from M.A.D.S ART GALLERY, presented a showcase of various artists and their works, with a focus on contemporary and emerging talent. Among the many talented artists featured in the exhibition, one of the standout pieces was "Earth" by Débora Gonçalves. The artwork, from her collection "Universe," is a reflection on the earth and the current moment.

Art Curator Ilaria Falchetti, who curated the exhibition, had this to say about Débora Gonçalves' work: "For the understanding of a picture a chair is needed." (Paul Klee) Débora is a young and original artist of Brazilian origin who now lives and works in Portugal. Her artwork "Earth" is a true tribute to mother earth. The pigment is material, three-dimensional, textural. The way Débora distributes it on the canvas, overlapping it, layering it, gives a feeling of something real, tangible. Tangible reality clashes with abstraction and the vulnerability of feelings. The colors are left free to interact with each other, free to create new combinations. The colors chosen are warm, reminiscent of the earth. Browns, reds, oranges and yellows create a frame that encloses a sort of galaxy. In the center there is a change of tone. The reds turn into snowy pinks and the greens into sky blues. The contrast between the two areas also translates into a change of texture, of surface, of pigment application. This contrast, which echoes that of reality-abstraction, is very interesting. Each color is studied and has a particular meaning. Each is connected to a natural element such as fire, mud, minerals, water, trees and ice. Débora offers an overview of our planet, a kind of bird's-eye view, an account. By painting all this she invites us to preserve it, to emphasize how important and essential its preservation is. Nature is art. Nature reflects us humans. We must protect it, venerate it and seek in it the answers even to existential questions. Débora proves to be a skilled painter, close to current issues, with a fresh and dynamic style. Her artworks overwhelm the viewer with a disruptive energy."

The exhibition "F**K" took place from 28th February to 6th March 2022 and can be consulted more on the hiperlink https://www.madsgallery.art/item/2d3e787b-e740-44e0-ad59-ac8ea372547e/event/f**k-u

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